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Alien Shooter Vengeance [2007]
Sigma Team | 1.7 GHz CPU| GeForce2 | Radeon 8500|256 MB RAM
Genre(s): Arcade

System Requirements:

Operating System : WindowsĂ‚® 98/ME/2000/XP,
Processor : 1.7 GHz CPU,
Memory : 256 MB RAM,
Video : nVidia GeForce2 / ATI Radeon 8500 or better
32 MB Video Memory, DirectX 9.0c or better compatible sound card

Alien Shooter: Vengeance's gameplay contains many improvements over its predecessor. Players now have a selection of 8 characters to choose from, each character's stats and starting equipment being different from one another. These stats have an impact on, for example, the type of weapons the player may use and as how effective they are, or the maximum number of hitpoints a player can have. Players can earn experience points for killing enemies and completing objectives. After earning enough experience points, the player gains a new level and is allowed to increase their stats.

Items may be bought from shop terminals scattered throughout the levels. Players can visit these stations to purchase weapons, implants (which act to increase a player's stats but are not permanent and can be removed), armor, ammunition and miscellaneous items, such as flashlights or medkits, with money found in the levels or earned from completing objectives. Some items and weapons require certain status levels to use it. For example, to use more lethal weapons, players must meet the weapon's minimum skill requirement in its respective skill in order to use it.

Players are also allowed to pick from a list of perks during the initial character creation. There are total of 8 perks for player to choose from - such as health regeneration, thievery, and hypnotism - and once chosen, the player may not change their perk. It then becomes one of the character's stats and can be upgraded as such during the game.

Once the game is finished, players may upload their scores to a global scoreboard, found at . If the player used any cheats during the game, they are labeled as such in the board.

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