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The Lord Of The Rings: Conquest - RAZOR 1911(2009)
Genre(s) : Action

Competitive multiplayer modes include “conquest” (in which players must hold certain key locations of a map), “capture the ring” (in which players must take the One Ring, representing the more usual flag, to a certain location), team deathmatch and “hero deathmatch” (in which all players control main characters from the Lord of the Rings, each hero being far stronger than the normal classes). All four modes are based on Star Wars: Battlefront II gametypes. Up to sixteen players can play online, with eight on each team. Offline, up to four players at a time can play split-screen.Cooperative mode is available for two players with either split-screen play or online play over Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. In the Nintendo DS version of the game, versus and cooperative modes can be played with the DS’s wireless ability.

The game uses a class-based character system, similar to the system found in the game Team Fortress. There are four playable classes, barring heroes:

* Warrior: A melee combat unit which uses swordsmanship. Unlike the other classes, whose special attacks recharge over time, warriors can only gain strength by defeating enemies, which allows them to unleash more powerful attacks with a flaming sword, such as spinning to hit every adjacent enemy. They are the only class that can block or perform counterattacks with special moves. The warrior also has a throwing axe as a secondary, medium ranged weapon.
* Archer: A long ranged unit with a bow and arrow that plays like a third-person shooter. Different types of arrows can be equipped: fire arrows, which can knock down enemies and deal explosive damage; poison arrows, which slow enemies down and do damage over time, and the ability to fire a volley of three normal arrows at multiple enemies at once. They also have a kick for use in close-quarters, which knocks back the enemy. They can also hit stealthed Scouts with the multiple arrow skill. A headshot will allow the archer to kill most enemies in a single hit.
* Scout: A master in the art of moving unseen. The scout’s primary weapons are two daggers, and he has the ability to become temporarily invisible and assassinate units instantly from behind with a sneak attack. As a secondary attack, he carries satchel bombs filled with blasting powder as a ranged attack.
* Mage: A mage's primary attack is a bolt of lightning, which can be charged up for a more powerful attack that can also damage other enemies in close proximity to the target. He also wields a “firewall” attack, which creates an expanding circle of flames that will heavily damage if not kill enemies who are within the circle. For close range attacks, they have a shockwave attack, which knocks enemies back and allows the mage to finish them off with his staff. Mages can also heal allies. For defensive purposes, a mage can create a magical shield around himself to protect anyone inside from ranged attacks of any sort, provided the attacker is outside of the shield, which allows people to walk through. While the shield ability is active, the mage is unable to do anything else and is therefore highly vulnerable to melee attacks.

The player can occasionally gain the opportunity to play as a Troll or an Ent, which are also used by non-player characters and, while far stronger than any normal class, are vulnerable to instantaneous kills by Warriors and Scouts through the use of Quick Time Events. Any class can ride a mount, horses for the Men of the West and wargs and Mumakil for Sauron and Saruman’s forces). Mounts are useful for quickly traversing large areas, but are highly vulnerable and a single hit against one will result in the player being knocked off. The player wields a sword when mounted, regardless of their class, and is only allowed to use basic attacks. Mounts also have the power to trample enemies when riding at top speed.

In the Nintendo DS version, gameplay features are greatly reduced. The Scout class is unavailable and mounts are non-existent. In addition, the playing perspective is isometric and only 6 maps were shipped with the game. All classes start out relatively weak, but fallen enemies will drop orbs that allow the player to power-up their current character’s attack power and speed, resetting after the player respawns. After a level is over, a post-game statistics screen will appear to show the player’s performance and to award them in-game achievements for their accomplishments (not allowing allies to die, for instance).

System requirements

Windows XP SP2/Vista,
2.4 GHz Core Duo processor,
1 GB RAM, 256 MB video card with support for Pixel Shader 3.0,
DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card,
8x speed DVD-ROM drive,
6.0 GB free hard drive space

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